Impulse Sound Technology existed before, in the Netherlands, under the name of TECNOLINE.
Providing services for Ampco Holland, focus showequipment, Fantasy Factory, Endemol, Dutch broadcast services and others.

Born in 1987, Vincent Buttstedt, the son of Richard Buttstedt, who was following his footsteps. In the '90s the company expanded, providing technical assistance for central heating, air conditioning and appliances.
Richard was doing installation, repair and servicing of central heating and air conditioning.

Moving to Portugal in 2000, and the name to Tecnolinha. The company returned to devote the sound products and made some custom-made products for clubs and bars. Giving the name to products, Tecnolinha Audio Products.
In 2006, longing to make large-scale concert was big, and Richard contacted several rental companies, sound and light training, having had some answers, he went to a company located in Vila Nova de Gaia.

In this company, he started out, repairing and maintaining the material, and very soon began to do also some concerts.
Having done also, along with his son, Vincent Buttstedt, the installation of auditorium Espinho.

In 2007,  also began working with the distributor of the Renkus-Heinz and Martin-Audio and includes repair and maintenance of sound systems, amplifiers.
November 2008, the company relocated to Pombal. And changing the name to Impulse Sound Technology ®.
And currently providing technical assistance to many brands of professional audio.

For example:
And others